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Every Finer Home we’ve ever built began with a dream.

From great designs, to affordable options, to making custom floor-plan revisions happily and free of charge, to extraordinarily high construction standards, to happy hand-holding throughout the entire joyful journey, to the ability to build our fabulous homes anywhere a lot is for sale, to opening our models on call 24/7 to meet your needs and schedule…
everything we do is about you!

New Homes in the Clifton Park Area Built with You in Mind


Herbinger Homes is all about creating a place for you to call home, here in the Clifton Park, NY area. We build new homes that actually feel right, meeting the needs of your modern lifestyle.Here at Herbinger Homes we love to include new and exciting details in our construction. We do this for you by listening to your needs and concerns, leading with integrity and executing with excellence every new home we build.

Getting the Home You Want

We understand that today’s buyer no longer desires vast, little used spaces. Wine cellars and even home theaters are not as popular as they once were. People are more conscious about their living environments and at Herbinger Homes we have heard your requests. We’ve responded by building homes with spacious family gathering areas, open, functional kitchens, and plentiful storage. We construct outdoor features that extend the visual expanse of your home, as well as provide further functionality. Offering all new home plans drawn and designed for the buyer who values space where it’s used most, they are filled with features that today's home buyer puts a premium on, including built-in cabinetry, granite countertops, hand-sanded and finished hardwood floors, raised ceilings and custom trim work. Every Herbinger Home meets the most stringent standards for energy efficiency featuring a program that offers homeowners a guarantee of heating and cooling energy use and room comfort.That's a promise you can take to the bank!


Thermal Enclosure System

Air sealing, quality insulation and high-performance windows to enhance comfort, improve durability, reduce maintenance costs and help lower monthly utility bills.

Water Management System that help to protect roofs, foundations and walls from water damage.

High-efficiency Heating and Cooling Systems that are designed and installed with comfort in mind. You will benefit from, improved indoor air quality, better moisture control and quieter operation.

Energy-efficient lighting and appliances that will help to reduce monthly utility bills, while not compromising on durability or performance.