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construction Process

Upon completing the contract and providing Herbinger Homes with your bank approval letter, we will order your blueprints, foundation design from an engineer, plot plan, and construction financing. These items are all necessary when applying for a building permit. As long as release deadlines are adhered to and municipalities are running on schedule, we strive to start every home within 30 days to 60 days of contract.

  • Stage 1

After obtaining all necessary permits, the first step in constructing your Herbinger Homes is to grade and clear the lot. Following this process, a plumbing rough, flatwork, and foundation pour will take place. Herbinger Homes and our vendors want to build your home as quickly as possible, but please keep in mind that during the early stages of construction, execution of these activities is highly dependent on weather conditions.

  • Stage 2

The next critical stage is framing, flatwork, and grading of your new home. Buyers become very excited at this time because the home begins to come to life. In addition, cornice, deck, shingles, sheathing, windows and exterior doors are also installed. Remember that we have provided you with some key construction terms in the Homebuyers Corner. These will help you communicate with your Herbinger Home Construction Manager and discuss any questions or concerns you may have.

  • Stage 3

After the Herbinger Home Construction Manager has completed the frame checklist, we will proceed with the mechanical rough-in stage of your home. The order is as follows: plumbing top-out/HVAC rough/electric rough/fireplace/gas rough in, followed by security rough.

  • Stage 4

At this point, a city inspection takes place. Please keep in mind that all cities can vary in their timeframes of frame inspections. Batt insulation will be installed. After pre-sheetrock inspection, you, your builder, and your representative will meet for a walk-thru.

  • Stage 5

Sheetrock installation and tape bed occur by this point. We recommend taking photos of your home at the pre-sheetrock meeting. If at any time you decide to re-model or re-decorate your home, it’s a good idea to document the area behind your walls.

  • Stage 6

Your requested color selections are now added including exterior paint, cabinets, shelving, countertops and any custom accents chosen to enhance the environment of your home. Your move-in date is quickly approaching.

  • Stage 7

Once all the color selections are installed, we are ready to begin the mechanical trims including exterior brick. You will begin to see the arrival of light fixtures, tile, flooring, plumbing fixtures and your AC units. The finish line is now in sight.

  • Stage 8

The final selections are installed, including carpet, pre-finished hardwood floors, patios, gutters, and fence. All landscaping and irrigation is completed and a final paint touch-up is performed. During this stage, all the intricate improvements are made and a detailed inspection is performed to finalize each aspect of your home.

  • Stage 9

At this time, you are introduced to your new home. Your hardware, carpet, mirrors and shower doors are installed. A final walk-through and buyer orientation takes place to ensure your satisfaction. This is a very important meeting, because we will discuss the future maintenance and warranty of your home.

  • Stage 10

Your appliances have been installed and the home is clean and complete, it is ready for you and your family to move in and start enjoying your new Herbinger Home. Our goal is to complete your home in a timely manner prior to closing. We want to ensure your total satisfaction and exceed your expectations when your move-in date arrives. With 48 hours notice, your Herbinger Homes Construction Manager will be more than glad to accompany you on a visit of your home. After you have moved into your new home, your Construction Manager will retain responsibility for your home 30 days after your move-in date. Your Warranty Service Manager will contact you to schedule your 30 day follow-up review. The Herbinger Homes Team enjoys educating our buyers, and we understand that most people are curious about their new home while it is being built. However, we do ask you to abide by the following safety guidelines:

Avoid visiting your home site while workers are present
Avoid visiting the site after dark
Wear appropriate clothing
Always wear sturdy shoes
Avoid bringing children to the job site